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From: David Vincent (
Date: 08/20/04

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    Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 12:04:46 -0700

    Security List wrote:

    >Went to windows update last night w/ XP Pro.
    >Redirected to the v5 version. I was asked to install
    >the new Windows Update software...downloaded the WU
    >software...copied the files...then saw
    >registering...kinda thinking that it was checking for
    >a valid registration or license. No updates needed
    >according to WU. XP SP2 is not available via WU for
    >XP Pro yet.
    >Now, I checked the Automatic Update service to see if
    >it was turned back start automatic as I always have it
    >disabled. Yup, it was set to automatic and it was
    >started. I stop and disable automatic update service,
    >and try WU. Get error stating that the automatic
    >update service must be enable to use WU now. Has
    >anybody else head of this? Once again, we must have
    >services that we do not want enable. I can not
    >believe that they are forcing user to turn on the
    >service to use WU.
    I can confirm this, kinda.

    Checking my services, I have Automatic Updates on Automatic Startup and
    Started, BITS on Manual and not started, and Event Log on Automatic and
    started. Windows Update v5 works.

    After fooling with starting and stopping services, and then changing
    states between Automatic, Manual, and Disabled, Windows Update v5 fails
    to run unless Automatic Updates is set to Automatic Startup. Strangely
    it will work if the service is set to Automatic Startup, yet is in the
    Stopped state. And it will not work if Automatic Updates is set to
    Manual Startup and in the Started state.

    Here's the output from the Windows Update v5 site when it fails:


    Windows Update cannot continue because a required service application is
    disabled. Windows Update requires the following services:

    Automatic Updates enables detection, downloading, and installation of
    critical updates for your computer.
    Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) enables faster,
    restartable downloading of updates.
    Event Log logs Windows Update events for troubleshooting. To ensure that
    these services are enabled:

    <>1. Click Start, and then click Run.
    2. Type services.msc and then click OK.
    3. In the list of services, right-click the service name, and then click
    4. In the Startup type list, select Automatic.
    5. Verify that the service status is started.



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