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From: Gregory A. Gilliss (
Date: 08/19/04

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    Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 10:43:45 -0700

    What you may be seeing is a typical implementation on large networks where
    load balancing is performed on the front end connections. In the event that
    the service is not available from the pool of primary servers, a secondary
    pool can be made available that returns something along the lines of "line
    busy, please try again later". Refreshing may or may not reproduce the page
    since the condition that caused the session to be directed to the lower
    priority pool may no longer exist at the time the refresh is performed.

    Basically, for large sites like Yahoo, it's a nicer way of responding than
    "404 - Page Not Found".

    -- Greg

    On or about 2004.08.19 09:49:43 +0000, LaRose, Dallas ( said:

    > When visiting, occasionally the server will serve up a
    > strange page saying only "do you yahoo?". With a few refreshes (which
    > likely pulls the content from other servers), you will get to the yahoo mail
    > login page. It looks like some of their servers are not returning correct
    > results. I'm not sure whether it's malicious, but it's worth noting....
    > Source of strange page:
    > <html><head><title>do you yahoo?</title></head>
    > <body>
    > <h1>do you yahoo?</h1>
    > </body></html>
    > <!-- compressed/chunked Thu Aug 19 07:38:10 PDT 2004
    > -->

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