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From: Barry Fitzgerald (
Date: 08/13/04

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    To: Todd Towles <>
    Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 13:02:03 -0400

    Todd Towles wrote:

    >How is naming a virus with @mm or a W32 in the front slow the process
    >down? Naming has nothing to do with AV venders making money IMO. If it
    >does, McAfee should change its name to Norton before tries to buy it
    >out. =)

    It doesn't have a direct impact -- however, you're not going to get the
    major companies to agree to put resources towards collaboration and
    changing names. That's a used resource which cuts into their profits.
    (Note: I'm trying to take this from their perspective, not mine.)

    It's a little more complex than just having prefixes and postfixes.
    Actually, if you look at the latest e-mail worms and their variance in
    variant naming between AV vendors, it's a lot more complex than
    standardized prefixes and whatnot.

    Not to mention the fact that many businesses won't do so as a matter of


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