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Date: 08/13/04

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    Brad Griffin wrote:

    I am yet to come across a 'large' company or enterprise that uses separate
    brand av applications for desktop and server solutions. It makes economic
    and logistic sense to use one vendor for your av solution that is deployed
    at different levels (or layers if you prefer that terminology). About the
    only people I've seen use different antivirus products in one environment
    are home users or small businesses that misinterpret 'layers of defence' in
    an anti-virus context to mean 'different brands of defence'. Considering
    that many major av co's products are cross platform nowadays, I doubt many
    companies will continue using separate brand products in a mixed OS
    environment for much longer either.


    The last two companies I have worked for, one a Fortune 500 company, the
    other a smallish science company, both use multiple products.

    One uses Symantec on the Windows servers and McAfee on the Windows
    workstations and Clam on the Linux servers and workstations.

    The other uses Clam on its Linux servers and Panda on its Windows servers
    and workstations.

    Of course, that hasn't completely stopped virus outbreaks, just because
    there's no way that new definitions can be rolled out quickly enough. As you
    might expect, Windows laptops were the main culprits. But I have seen Linux
    viruses and breakins as well as Windows hacks too. And please don't say that
    the IT wasn't doing its job. As long as you have an internet presence you
    are a target, and none of the products are 100% secure ... Cisco anyone?

    So there you go. My two Euros worth.

    Does anyone remember the AV scanner that came with MS-DOS6? Haha

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