[Full-Disclosure] iDEFENSE - New Tricks [web censorship!]

From: Ben Ryan (ben_at_bssc.edu.au)
Date: 08/10/04

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    Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 00:16:13 +1000

    [Len and others:
    Some info on iDEFENSE and their attempts to censor sites they believe are
    'dangerous'.. considering their hatred for the principles of speech and full
    disclosure in security, if this snowballs way out of control, could FULL-DISCLOSURE be

    Remember them? Didn't they try selling chocolate teapots as cures against the
    "global terror" facing information technology?
    (They told me Robert T Morris was working for Al-Qaida, is that true??)

    Having achieved little of consequence, and with their "alliance" about as effective as a motorcycle ashtray,
    it looks like iDEFENSE are "relaunching or "reloading" as "iNTeRNeT guardians" against the terrible plague
    of free knowledge infesting the iNTERNET. As defined by them, obviously.

    According to figures involved, idefense (don't they have a dictionary?) put the
    squeeze on QWK (www.qwknetllc.com) to shut down the "Rogue Science" website and
    forum (www.roguesci.org). For no purpose other than they disliked its content.
    As far as we know, none of the content violated any laws such as DMCA (law
    or joke, you decide), except perhaps some fair use copyrighted material
    reproduced for research purposes.
    No legal reason or order was produced to force the ISP to close the site, it
    merely did so under 'duress' or pressure.

    This seems to be just a continuation of the sort of behaviour that this group
    condone: secrecy, anti-open/anti-freedom, closed-shop, obfuscation, possible
    blackmail/threats. We all know how they would like to have sole control of info
    on all the nasty security holes, and keep anyone from knowing about them. Except
    people who pay them money. And maybe the people who might abuse them for
    'national security' reasons.
    If you deal with these people, beware. And if you support a world where
    information is free, refuse to deal with them. Make the the LAST to know.

    [ http://www.roguesci.org/ - This is a forum and website devoted solely to the free discussion of information
    amongst participating members. While some its content was controversial according to some,
    it was just information. Not: 'hate' speech, political lobbying (RIAA/MPAA), sponsoring 'terrorism',
    advocating violence, wanton damage, obscenity (extreme/child/illegal or
    otherwise), religion.]

    thanks for listening, and by the way, they didn't kill roguesci.org. It has
    reopened, with multiple mirrors and encrypted distributed backups.
    And the people who use it aren't happy.

    And thanks iDEFENSE, you just redoubled the resolve of the people you were
    trying to censor!

    Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
    Charter: http://lists.netsys.com/full-disclosure-charter.html

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