[Full-Disclosure] Antivirus/Trojan/Spyware scanners DoS!

From: bipin gautam (visitbipin_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 06/13/04

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    Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 07:44:46 -0700 (PDT)

    > Hello everybody,
    > I wounder how many Antivirus/Trojan/Spyware scanners
    > will choak to death while having a manual scan of
    > the
    > file:
    > http://www.geocities.com/visitbipin/SERVER_dwn.zip
    > I was woundering, what would be the results if such
    > file gets stucked in an "AV gateway" (O;
    > please, report your findings.....
    > regards,
    > Bipin Gautam
    > http://www.geocities.com/visitbipin/

    These are the recent findings, Please participate in
    the discussion.

    * KAV successfully passes the test! [Confirmed]

    Well I find, both norton antivirus 2002 & norton 2003
    first try to extract the zip file..... [note: each ~.*
    is a compressed 12 GB file] fo it will [.....you
    guessed it..... DoS] Norton Antivirustakes
    considerable amount of time to scan .cab files.

    I tried.......
    It took for ever.... [I stopped or i might have
    crassed the server]

    I've tried to scan those .bz2 files with Mcafee, it
    does choak for a while but it went through.

    If you have Autometically 'quarentine/delete' option
    set for your AV scanner and it detects a virus "ercata
    test virus" inside the rar file. The AV will suffer a
    DoS while extracting the .rar files.

    -> Has any one tried it for trojan/spyware scanners
    that scan inside compressed files???

    * Winxp default zip manager just report the 12Gb zip
    file to be 121 Mb!???
    * Winrar [3.20] can show the size of .bz2 files and
    winrar just report bipin.zip is 128 Mb but it start
    filling up the hdd. to 12 Gb if you try to extract the
    *If we try to extract the 12 Gb [Standalone] file in
    Fat32 tries to extract the 12 Gb file and terminate
    extraction after 4Gb [fat32 limit] I wounder, why in
    the 1'st place would Winrar allow to extract a 4+ Gb
    [single] file in Fat 32.

    Bipin Gautam

    Ps: Please, reply with the version No. of the AV.
    scanner that you are using. If anyone of you have a
    test PC please test the file using the online virus
    scanners available at : http://virusall.com/downscan.html

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