[Full-Disclosure] Top 15 Reasons Why Admins Use Security Scanners

From: Joel R. Helgeson (joel_at_helgeson.com)
Date: 04/28/04

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    Top 15 Reasons Why Admins Use Security Scanners

    This list has been compiled by emailing various Security/Admin lists...
    Anyone care to offer their input - add to the list?

    -Am I sure that I have found all vulnerabilities in my network?
    -Have I configured my network properly?
    -Am I finding and closing security holes fast enough?
    -How do I know which machines have a missing patch?
    -Are we resistant enough to network-savvy viruses that spread via known
    -Are we in compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations?
    -What have I missed in locking down a server or environment?
    -Do I have my network perimeter and interior sufficiently protected?
    -Have I identified and protected my network resources from external threats?
    -Do I know which systems are now well protected?
    -How vulnerable are we from the inside?
    -How will I ever pass my IT Security Audits?
    -How do I locate computers on my network, that are not within compliance?
    -How do I report to Management that we have done all we could to lock down?
    -How do I detect unknown and/or rogue devices/connections?

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