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From: Aschwin Wesselius (
Date: 04/20/04

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    Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 23:32:08 -0100

    > "...without those dimwits..." "...stupidity of end users..."
    > of hands please; how many of us systems wizards
    > can do the jobs the "dimwits" are doing? You infosec guys at
    > any heart transplants lately? Infosec guy at
    > investment structure any billion dollar mergers last week?
    > No? Well what not?? Are you some kind of dimwit?? Are you stupid???

    Hi, I could as well comment on that in a more subtile way maybe.

    People can be intelligent and still be dumb or stupid. When people are
    keen enough to structure billion dollar mergers, why aren't they smart
    enough to listen why they should bother about the risk of information to
    be stolen?

    When you inform people in very precise and understandable instructions
    and they totally ignore you, because they think what you do is some sort
    of majic, I would call those people stupid or dumb. Because when
    something happens and their files are missing or being snooped through
    MSN or e-mail or wa'effah, they point at you whilst THEY could have
    known if they'd listened.

    Ignorance is denial of something told or existing, so that is plain
    stupidity. It makes life easier for themselves and in the meanwhile
    harder for others.

    Yes, I admit I can't safe lives by transplanting hearts or any vital
    organ and I'm glad those people are out there too. When they would tell
    me to swallow pills, take some shots or eat more healthy to lengthen my
    life, I will........... If somebody would structure my savings of
    billions (wich I don't have, sorry for that), and they tell me to invest
    it in something stable and with some guaranteed percentage so I will
    profit more from their advice, I will............

    So, why won't those kind of people take some easy hints, some minor
    advisories wich could make both lifes some more enjoyful?

    It is not about who's the dimwit, it is if we would listen instead of
    ignoring. If we would make some effort to avoid trouble in others lifes
    and ours. If we would cooperate instead of anoying the shit out of
    eachother just for the sake of it.

    Kind regards,

    Aschwin Wesselius

    Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.

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