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Date: 04/14/04

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    Depends on what kind of break you want. If you want to break into the
    connection (ala add/modify/delete traffic in real time), yes a 10 minute
    cycle time makes it difficult. If all you want is the data afterwards (ie:
    see the login id and password), then all the 10 minute cycle time does is
    force you to do multiple breaks. But, the login and password are almost
    always in the start of a connection, so that is all you need to break.

    Outside of quantum crypto and one time keys, nothing is unbreakable. Its
    just a matter of time and resources. The tricks are to make them
    prohibitive, and make sure there is no back door like looking at power
    consumption. And I kind of wonder if there is anything in superstring
    theory that could cause problems with quantum crypto.

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    Curt Purdy wrote:
    > Agreed. If the packets/hashes can be accessed it can be compromised.
    > "Unbreakable" has been touted from the 48-bit Netscape encryption
    > that took USC's distributed network a week to crack, to Oracle 9i
    > that took one day to compromise, I believe.
    You are preaching to the choir there - however, my boss is preferring to
    believe the consultant's claims that the 10 minute key cycle (communicated
    by TLS) makes the system unbreakable.... so it doesn't need to be on a DMZ
    and can work "just like they were on the lan"

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