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From: Dave Aitel (
Date: 04/04/04

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    To: Harlan Carvey <>
    Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2004 18:56:44 -0500

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    If you want to learn how to write exploits, Immunity is doing a
    Windows Exploitation class Apr 29-30 in Manhattan. Feel free to email
    me if you'd like more information...

    Dave Aitel
    Immunity, Inc.

    Harlan Carvey wrote:

    |> I'm not an authority on training as the only training I've had is
    |> SANS, but I can vouch for the quality it.
    | Any particular instructors? I find it hard to believe that someone
    | who is an instructor at SANS would endorse tools like inzider. But
    | I do know other instructors that are pretty darned good...Jennifer
    | Kolde, for example.
    |> ...when I see certain letters, I do pay closer attention.
    | Which ones?
    |> I'll break the ice by starting with something facetious like
    |> "What is the first thing you do with a Windows box and the last
    |> thing you do with a *NIX box when you have trouble?" Answer:
    |> reboot.
    | I agree that would be a good way to break the ice, but from a
    | professional standpoint, I don't think it's a great idea. In the
    | real world, rebooting a Windows box isn't the first thing you
    | should be doing. I might be concerned that with such a question,
    | that might give the candidate an improper impression of how the
    | company conducts itself.
    | The rest of your questions are good ones to ask, but again, for
    | Robert, I really think it depends on what sorts of services the
    | company plans to offer.
    |> For sysadmins, I ask easier, more system specific questions, but
    |> for security I ask broad, tough questions because of the
    |> requirements of the field. I have only had one person so far,
    |> answer all correctly.
    | Keep in mind, though, that depending upon the questions, what's
    | 'right' may be subjective.
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