Re: [Full-Disclosure] OpenSSL - dynamically linked binaries?

From: Bram Matthys (Syzop) (
Date: 03/22/04

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    To: Honza Vlach <>
    Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 17:06:38 +0100

    Honza Vlach wrote:
    > I have checked apache mod_ssl and php module, which are both dynamically
    > linked to the The thing, that confuses me lot is, when I
    > look on the phpinfo(), it says "OpenSSL version 0.9.7c", which it
    > was compiled against.
    > Does this mean, that I'm still vulnerable, or it is just version
    > hardcoded to the binary, while the library itself was sucessfully
    > reloaded?

    The latter...
    The thing is that OPENSSL_VERSION_TEXT is used to display the
    openssl version (AFAIK there's no alternative method):
         php_info_print_table_row(2, "OpenSSL Version", OPENSSL_VERSION_TEXT);

    OPENSSL_VERSION_TEXT is defined in one of the openssl header files
    (opensslv.h) and is a string constant, thus compiled in.

    So if ldd shows it's using that lib (you could even lsof it at runtime
    to be sure) then you should be ok.

            Bram Matthys.

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