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From: Mike Barushok (
Date: 03/21/04

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    Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 23:41:03 -0600 (CST)

    Hmm, seems a little hypocritical to call for only the
    author to announce the paper (so as not to be the
    Information Minister). But are you then the Secretary
    of State, defending the poor author that cannot defend
    their own rights?

    It is my impression that if the OP and readers would
    find the link useful, it belongs here, and waiting for
    the author to announce it is not very helpful. Would
    you have preferred an announcement that an undisclosed
    location holds more information pending authors approval?


    But much worse, your tirade contradicts the philosophy
    you purport to uphold. Stick up for your own writings
    and let the author make his own complaints or not as
    they choose.

    As far as your last line ...' then...', my question
    to you is 'then What'?

    On Sun, 21 Mar 2004, wrote:

    > <!--
    > Joe just posted a URL with an analysis:
    > -->
    > Certainly there is nothing like an 'early warning HUMAN system'
    > but really, how about letting the author's of their own work
    > make these announcements. There appears to be a new trend of
    > coat-tail riders hanging in the rafters ready to leap down on
    > any and everything any one of any consequence does. And claim
    > their fame to being the first to pass on the information of same.
    > Come one, if one wants to be the 'Minister of Information' --
    > the first guy on the block, the commentator of other's work like
    > that that thor charactar from Denmark who also sits in ambush
    > ready to leap out and grab other's works for their own
    > glorification, create another security mailing list. Security
    > personel worth there salt are well aware of what's going on when
    > and where. If they aren't and if they need such a 'Minister of
    > Information' then....
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