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From: Curt Purdy (
Date: 03/18/04

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    Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 15:52:28 -0600

    James P. Saveker wrote:
    >(Guess who's come across waaay too many boxes that the owner didn't know
    >were compromised because the box knows how to say "You've got Mail!" but
    >doesn't know how to say "You've got Malware!" ;)


    >I have seen companies running SBS and using ISP mail accounts when exchange
    >is part of SBS, madness! Also they have not got ISA configured correctly,
    >assuming correctly does not involve a rules allowing all traffic from all
    >sources to flow bi-directionally. People that set up servers like that
    >should be shot, or at least not allowed to practise as consultants.

    Personally, I think anybody who sells and setsup a business with SBS should be shot. Starting with SBS4, it's been a piece of crap. Now to add insult to injury, they put ISA server in there and force you to put your firewall on the same box your database server is on. By license, you cannot put it on a seperate box if you wanted to. Another sign of the total cluelessness of MS on security.

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