RE: [Full-Disclosure] Re: Second critical mremap() bug found in all Linux kernels

From: Geo. (
Date: 02/19/04

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    To: <>
    Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 12:57:40 -0500

    >>At the risk of another dodgy car analogy, would it be OK to drive down the
    pavement/sidewalk and run over anyone who doesn't get out of the way quick
    enough? That's a form of Natural Selection, is it not? Which is why people
    don't really believe in evolution. <<

    You can be fined for j-walking, can you be fined for not patching? This is
    what I'm getting at, currently there are no motivating factors to cause
    people to patch except the threat of being exploited.

    Suggest something we as the security community can do besides releasing
    shutdown type tools to provide the necessary motivation to get these
    machines patched and I'm all ears. Doing nothing is not an option imo and
    lacking the existance of virus/worms/script kiddies would result in an even
    more dangerous situation.


    Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.

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