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From: Erik van Straten (
Date: 02/15/04

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    To: "Nicola Fankhauser" <>
    Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 23:40:03 +0100

    Hi Nicola,

    It's not a zip file, not an applet, but a plain EXE file. Seems
    compressed somehow, no time to figure it out now. Dunno why Mozilla
    runs this (I don't like it).

    If something showed up in your status bar, you should definitely assume
    your box was compromised.

    Take care out there,

    On Sun, 15 Feb 2004 20:20:11 +0100 Nicola Fankhauser wrote:
    > hi jedi
    > On Sun, 2004-02-15 at 18:45, Jedi/Sector One wrote:
    > > This is equivalent to
    > ok, and the html of the index page is as following:
    > <html><body bgcolor=white link=#ffffff vlink=#ffffff alink=#ffffff>
    > <h2>SERVER ERROR 550</h2>
    > <applet ARCHIVE="" CODE="BlackBox.class" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=1></applet></body></html>
    > now, the "SERVER ERROR 550" is clearly a fake - the java applet below
    > just starts fine. strangely, the '' is not a valid zip-file,
    > yet 'appletviewer' and mozilla (don't know about MS IE; too dangerous :)
    > happily start the applet without any hickups or exceptions and mozilla
    > states 'Applet BlackBox started' in the status bar.
    > is there anybody knowledgable interested in un-zipping, de-compiling and
    > analysing this surely malicious applet? I would like to know what
    > mozilla just executed on my behalf there... :(
    > FYI, the file '' attached is directly taken from the site
    > mentioned above.
    > regards
    > nicola

    Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.

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