Re: [Full-Disclosure] How much longer?

From: Clint Bodungen (
Date: 02/12/04

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    I really despise contributing to off-topic threads but I just have to say my
    peace on this one (because it has gotten *so* ridiculous) then I'll drop it.

    First of all, my apologies to Thorolf. I didn't mean for that to sound as
    harsh as it looked and like everyone is, so ridiculously, making it out to

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    > NOT cool ... remember, information should be free ;-)

    You win the cliché of the year award. Bravo.

    > Next time, before you start calling names, how about considering the
    > other person's perspective and ask yourself what *you* would think if
    > you were half a planet away with different information resources?

    LOL You're the type of person that sits back on these posts waiting for the
    perfect moment (which seems to be every other post) to spout out a novel's
    worth of useless B.S. trying to look intelligent so that one day you can
    hopefully be recognized by someone that has seen your name come across this
    list and dazzle your friends by "googling" your own name at parties.
    Anyway, who was calling names? What a hypocrite. LOL I made comment
    reference a previous statement... came out a little shrewd I admit and I
    apologized but here you come with flames a blazing speaking just as blindly
    as you accused me of doing. Typical. Oh... and in relation to the other
    half of the world... I *am* half a world away and I still research things
    thoroughly before speaking publicly. Furthermore, what do you mean
    different information resources? Ever heard of the internet?

    > The poster states very clearly that he is not a native English speaker.
    > The return address points to Germany. If you are well traveled, if you
    > even own a passport (and only fifteen percent of Americans have one)
    > then you would realize how completely different the perception of America
    > is from *outside* the fish bowl.

    Thank you Mr. Discovery Channel but I have been to 23 countries and
    counting. One would be surprised how many people from around the world
    actually know more about America than a lot of Americans do. I also refer
    back to my previous statement on that whole research before you
    speak/internet thing.

    > Between linguistic differences (the
    > German language, for example, puts the verb at the end of the sentence,
    > a la postfix notation)

    I speak German thank you. Besides that... what the *hell* does that have to
    do with this entire thread?? I think everyone understood him perfectly well
    and considering he's *Polish, not German, I would have to say he speaks much
    better English than I'm sure my Polish is. Props Thorolf.

    > And just to make you *really* cringe, I can't prove it, but I believe
    > he's correct. 'nuf said.

    Ok put down the tabloids and comic books. I've written commercial software
    for small firms as well as some very well known fortune 500 firms and I've
    never had anyone looking over my should, holding my hand, or snapping
    pictures of me in the deli because I didn't leave a back door in the
    software for the govt. to regulate. I've never even had a run in with the
    Mafia. " 'nuf said." Maybe that's why you can't prove it.

    > There's already a perception of the "ugly American". Please don't
    > behave in a manner to further reinforce that stereotype.

    In everywhere I've been in the world I've never had a problem. I guess it's
    all about how you present yourself and set yourself apart from the
    stereotype. Hmmm... maybe it's just you and all the other condescending
    egotists like you.

    > Flames > /dev/null

    Grogory A. Gilliss > /dev/null

    Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.

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