[Full-Disclosure] Script Kiddies

From: Uncle Scrotora Balzac (scrotora_at_hushmail.com)
Date: 01/30/04

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    I love hearing security people talk about script kiddies. It's the funniest
    thing to see them walking around with their chests pushed out like peacocks,
     as they scoff the silly little kiddy.

    Funny because 99.9 percent of the people using the term so loosely have
    no idea how to *really* find vulnerabilities in systems, compromise,
    gain control, hide their presence, then use it for whatever they want.
    Hell, a significant percent of those "security [engineers/professionals/consultants/researchers]"
    (circle one) have trouble compiling exploits (if they even know where
    to find them in the first place), much less figure out offsets, return
    addresses, etc.. The same exploits those "kiddies" use!! What these people
    don't realize is that the "kiddies" they so affectionately refer to have
    learned this practice by reading comments, headers, and cryptic help
    messages in code and scripts. Not by completely out-of-touch and wickedly
    outdated texts like their CISSP study guides, vendor whitepapers, and
    books by aging whitehat hackers. Irony.

    But like I said, this practice is funny, not annoying. It's funny because
    of the false sense of superiority these people get from referring to
    95%+ of the hacking community as kiddies. It's funny because of how much
    they *really* don't know - and advertise the fact with huge neon signs
    by getting on lists like this and asking for things like SSH exploit
    code so they can "learn how exploits work!" (By the way, to the whitehat
    who was arguing with everyone after getting char grilled flamed for this
    - - if you want to learn how exploits work, there's about 1000 of them
    at www.packetstormsecurity.com.) Funny every time a box on their network
    gets whacked, and they talk about the script kiddy that did it. How ironic
    is that, and what does it say about them? But that's right, it's not
    their fault. Always someone else's, which makes me wonder why any of
    these people have jobs in the first place. I'm glad they can't hear themselves.
    Then they might stop.

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