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From: Curt Purdy (
Date: 01/18/04

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    Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 15:06:20 -0600

    yossarian wrote:

    >And a propos the ADS rant - you can hardly call it an MS invention. For me
    >it is NDS revisited.

    And a poor revisit at that. I have had ADS crash and burn at two customers
    in the last year (unfortunately no backup domain controllers - no we did not
    set them up). Check out MS's knowledge base article on repairing ADS. It
    is like a 50 page article that basically ends with "Re-install and restore
    from tape and synch with other controllers". I have NEVER seen that happen
    with DNS in all the years I've worked with Netware.

    Also have seen ADS get all confused more than once in multiple domain sites
    requiring either finding the server with the least corruption and making it
    authoritative, or restoring from a known good backup. No way to run an
    enterprise. Again, whenever a problem has shown up in NDS, a simple
    DSREPAIR has always fixed everything, without fail.

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