[Full-Disclosure] January 15 is Personal Firewall Day, help the cause

Date: 01/15/04

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    I just wanted to remind everybody that tomorrow is Personal Firewall Day.
    The Personal Firewall Day is a campaign designed to raise awareness about the dangers we face without a personal firewall. Security experts such as yourself are encouraged to use the occasion of Personal Firewall Day to share your expertise and advice with your lesser technologically skilled friends and family, and help get them secured by installing a personal firewall - this could be as simple as helping them turn on the XP firewall. Direct them to the website where they can learn more about personal firewalls and other layers of protection.
    Compromised end-user machines affect us all and the Internet as a whole when they are used as zombies for DDoS networks or proxies by criminal spammers, and your personal effort can help remedy this.
    PFD is a direct result of the discussions that originated from the NTBugtraq Retreat '03, and would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work put into the project by Paul Robertson, director of risk assessment with TruSecure and the original proponent of the idea.
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