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From: Gadi Evron (ge_at_egotistical.reprehensible.net)
Date: 01/11/04

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    I thought this story might interest some of you. See forwarded message

            Gadi Evron.

    Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 19:23:15 -0800
    From: Gadi Evron <ge@linuxbox.org>
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    Subject: [TH-research] OT: Israeli Post Office break-in

    Mail from Gadi Evron <ge@linuxbox.org>

    This is completely off-topic, but very interesting.

    Apparently there was a break-in in a branch of the Israeli Post Office.

    The offenders placed a wire-less gateway connected to a switch inside,
    and through it stole a few tens of thousands of Shekels in the few days
    they were in operation (the Israeli Post Office is a sort of a small bank).

    They only managed to run this operation for a few days.. I guess people
    noticed that contraption connected to their switch. Although it looks
    very much like a legit piece of hardware.
    Another option is that someone talked too much, or they were already
    under investigation.
    I find it hard to believe that they were located due to the break-in to
    the network itself, as crude as it was.

    Once again we get a glimpse into a far smarter world of computer related
    crime. Always makes me wonder about what *else* is out there, that we do
    not hear about.

    Last item I heard of was the theft of Face Recognition servers holding
    terrorism-related databases from an Australian airport. There was the
    Industrial Espionage bit using Trojan horses as well.


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