[Full-Disclosure] Re: bzip2 bombs still causes problems in antivirus-software

From: Dr. Peter Bieringer (pbieringer_at_aerasec.de)
Date: 01/10/04

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    To: Steve Wray <steve.wray@paradise.net.nz>
    Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 17:13:55 +0100

    Steve Wray schreibt:

    > It would probably be a good idea to implement ulimit
    > restrictions on the user that the software runs as.

    Mostly "root"...and this will cause sure other fun, looks like some software
    didn't expect that file system runs out-of-space and still hang and have no
    fail-safe mechanism here...

    > Also you should be aware that the software doesn't automatically
    > clear the leftovers out of the filesystem.

    That's an additional suggestion for a smart decompression unit.

    > One suggestion I've heard is to put the directory where the
    > zip files get unpacked for software forensics & antivirus detection
    > be on tmpfs or some such. That way, after a reboot its guaranteed
    > to not be there. Or something like that. (my favorite sentence)

    Good idea...but the best will be vendors implementing the decompression unit
    in a proper way.

    BTW: note that the temp file created by Trend Micro's vscan has permission
    644. This can be an interesting issue for other local users which are
    looking for data which they should normally prevent to see.


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