RE: [Full-Disclosure] weird worm ?

From: Discini, Sonny (
Date: 12/30/03

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    Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 13:33:29 -0500

    Yes, I have seen similar e-mails and yes, this appears to be word list probes to see what will and will not pass through your filter. Once they compile a reasonable trigger list, they will omit those words from their SPAM messages. This also explains why the e-mail is coming from random sources. If it came from a real address, they know that any reasonable admin would add the domain to their block list.


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    Perhaps some spammers trying to test circumvention of anti-spam filter ? Just filling mail with random words to test if this can pass some score-based filter like Baysian filter?

    If those messages are accepted, they will try later with some advertising for a Miracle Pill to make some part of your body bigger ? ;-)


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    Hi everyone -

    For days now, I've been receiving weird messages, with a few lines of apparently random, garbage text, like this:

    highest bailiff nomad father advise heir
    oxygen honorarium allegro reveal wronskian indentation coachmen
    deficient tribute arcturus mitigate bypath


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