RE: [Full-Disclosure] Saddam Hussein Captured

From: Jonathan A. Zdziarski (
Date: 12/15/03

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    > Anyhow, yes, I'm sure it'll affect the computers/security in some way-
    > However currently that way isn't evident. When it is... Sure post away.

    Sunday, December 14 2003

    U.S. Forces responsible for capturing the former Iraqi leader earlier
    Sunday morning later removed several items from a small room dug out
    underneath the hole Saddam reportedly buried himself in. Items seized
    included $3.2 million dollars in US currency, several Baghdad Priority
    Mail boxes, and Saddam's personal laptop computer.

    In fear of the laptop battery running down, US Forces immediately
    brought in two computer forensic agents took photographs of the contents
    on the laptop's display and later performed a complete analysis of its

    "We figure he was making an attempt to use his computer when we raided
    the basement.", replied John Cooper, one of the forensic analysis, "This
    could explain why he hesitated and later surrendered without a fight."
    Initial screenshots of the data were leaked to the media shortly
    thereafter, and have been made available on the Internet. URLs have been
    posted at the end of this article.

    While the forensic analysts were very certain that the entire laptop's
    contents could be retrieved, at least one was notably distressed about
    the information being leaked. "We're not sure what this means yet.
    There's still a lot of data to look at. Our biggest concern is that this
    may affect computer security in some way."

    I've mirrored the photos, since they were removed from their website...
    Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.

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