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Date: 11/14/03

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    Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 16:56:12 -0500


    > As an email administrator, when I receive a spam complaint for a piece of
    > dreck that obviously did not originate from our network or pass through
    > our servers, I think "this doofus can't read headers", and I usually send
    > a polite note explaining that sender addresses can be forged and that the
    > recipient ought to send the complaint to someone who is actually in a
    > position to do something about it.

    What if the report is advising you that your hosts, domain or IPs are
    being forged in the abusive and possible illegal message, especially if
    accompanied by an offer to assist in any investigation you may want to

    > Except when the sender explicitly says "I can read headers, but have
    > arrogantly decided that you ought to see this anyway, because I'm sure you
    > don't have enough real problems to deal with", in which case I think "this
    > doofus needs a dose of reality".

    I think you mean implicitly, unless you get some very odd reports.

    There's always a chance that the "doofus" knows a thing or two about mail
    and spam and can help you act on the misuse of your name.

    > But then, it might just be me.

    It's certainly not just you, but in my experience most mail admins whose
    knee-jerk "not me" response gets a polite reply pointing out the advisory
    and helpful nature of the report are receptive and appreciative.

    In your case, Dave Null won't help you, but at least he won't take up any
    of your time trying to do so.


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