RE: [Full-Disclosure] SSH Exploit Request

From: Schmehl, Paul L (
Date: 11/13/03

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    > I am failing to see the logic in some of these issues here...
    > A service is flawed in one way or another, patch it! If the
    > vendor says the service is broke in some way, believe them,
    > get off your lazy ass and get patching. If you are the admin,
    > do your job and quit whining!
    Never heard the phrase, "Never criticize a man until you've walked a
    mile in his shoes", Robert?

    > Since that argument throws about the sniveling of, "We can't
    > afford the downtime of a server reboot", then think of it
    > this way, with services such as SSH, a restart of the SSH
    > Service does NOT shut down the whole server or kill active
    > connections, instead it's a 2 second lapse where the server
    > will refuse the connection, in which super important person Z
    > will just have to rety to connect.
    In some people's worlds, they don't get to make those decisions. Yet
    you would toss them out in the street for incompetence because you are
    so much more competent?
    > I am quite bothered out the ass by well paid admins that are
    > too damn lazy to spend the few minutes it takes to repair a
    > flawed service. Either start doing your job, or get the hell
    > out of the way for those of us that want to do the job
    > required properly!
    I'm equally bothered by people who think they have all the answers and
    anyone who doesn't think they way they do is incompetent.

    So, now we're both equally bothered, and yet we haven't accomplished a
    thing. Frustrating, isn't it, Robert?

    Maybe we should concentrate on our own problems and let other people
    solve theirs?

    Paul Schmehl (
    Adjunct Information Security Officer
    The University of Texas at Dallas
    AVIEN Founding Member

    Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.

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