RE: [Full-Disclosure] WinME firewalling

From: Schmehl, Paul L (
Date: 11/10/03

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    Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 09:46:29 -0600

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    > I just didn't want anybody leaving the impression that it was
    > possible to firewall off a Microsoft box and be safe....
    Hopefully, you're not referring to my post. I *did* state that she
    should patch and keep her AV software up to date as well. But trust me,
    those little $50 SOHO routers work *quite well* at walling of a Windows
    box from the Internet. We have several here that are protecting
    expensive scientific test equipment that is controlled by a Windows
    computer that cannot be patched per vendor and/or FDC requirements. And
    not a one has ever had a problem of any kind.

    Of course they are *not* used for surfing the web or checking email,
    which is why I pointed out that she needs to keep her AV software up to
    date and patch her box regularly as well.

    In case you're not aware of it, those little routers include a firewall,
    IDS (which can be configured to email alerts to him instead of granny),
    DHCP, NAT and MAC ACL restrictions. The boxes behind those are on
    private IP space and there are no open incoming ports. You can lock
    down a box pretty good behind one of them.

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