Re: [Full-Disclosure] Microsoft plans tighter security measures in Windows XP SP2

From: Kenton Smith (
Date: 11/01/03

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    Date: 31 Oct 2003 16:51:22 -0700

    On Fri, 2003-10-31 at 16:27, wrote:
    > On Fri, 31 Oct 2003 15:00:28 MST, Kenton Smith <> said:
    > > Hopefully we can all agree that anything Microsoft can do to attempt to
    > > make it's O/S more secure is better than the way it is now.
    > No. We can't.
    > Consider the case of Microsoft letting Bozo the Clown do the design work and
    > the Three Stooges carrying out the implementation.
    I think you maybe got off on a tangent and forgot to explain why you
    answered no to my question.
    In reference to your anti-capitalist rant... In the last 2 weeks MS has
    had to re-release their Oct. 15 patches twice. In that time their stock
    price has dropped more than 10%. Could it be that shareholders are
    learning that MS needs to do something about their shoddy work?

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