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Date: 08/11/03

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    Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 20:06:15 +0100

    MS realise that they are about to be firewalled by every ISP that cares
    about its client base, and are now stating that you shouldn't have been
    using their product on a public network in the first place. I don't
    remember hearing this before, though, and if they knew this why isn't ICF
    enabled as default as part of their internet connection wizardry?

    Hindsight is always 20/20.
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    > Microsoft says - "To exploit this vulnerability, the
    > attacker must be able to send a specially crafted
    > request to port 135, port 139, port 445, or any other
    > specifically configured RPC port on the remote
    > computer. For intranet environments, these ports are
    > typically accessible, but for Internet-connected
    > computers, these ports are typically blocked by a
    > firewall."
    > But since those are different services(SMB, DCOM,
    > Netbios), wouldnt you need to send an entirely
    > different packet? it sounds impossible to use the same
    > exploit on multple protocols.
    > Port 80 is not an attack vector -
    > "RPC over UDP or TCP is not intended to be used in
    > hostile environments, such as the Internet. More
    > robust protocols, such as RPC over HTTP, are provided
    > for hostile environments."
    > Microsoft is saying RPC over UDP or TCP shouldnt be
    > used on the internet and you need a firewall to block
    > the ports anyway. I guess they aren't keeping their
    > new promise for security seriously.
    > --- wrote:
    > > hi list,
    > >
    > > i tried all different DCOM RPC sploit's i could find
    > > (from the very
    > > beginning till the newest versions).
    > > i couldn't find any succesfully working on other
    > > ports then 135.
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