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Date: 07/27/03

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    Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 21:13:31 +0100

    Microsoft aint a security company, never said they was, they are a business
    company that supplies a mass marketed product that people can use.

    Do you want to sue the Washing Powder companies because it doesnt get all
    your stains clean?
    Busines is Business, if we dont like, then make ya own operating system, or
    learn to enhance the ones that are available, instead os simply knocking
    whats alreayd there, but not doing much about it, normal case is people cant
    do anything so they knock stuff instead.

    I personally like Micorosft and theor products, amny of enhanced my systems
    and business and I also like nix* as it has ehnaced and progressed my
    business, both in different ways. Personally my business couldnt run
    without MS, not becuae of cost of change to competitor, just that some of my
    business needs are best suited by their products.

    I have an in house security tean, which I actively head (when not running my
    own show) as a Checkpoint Instructor, and a solid methodical approach, with
    skills in hardening and understanding systems, and how the business should
    face the internet have helped myself and my company grow.

    I dont know, I help, as exploits do help this, I understand C+ as I taught
    myself as well as the security department, its about piecing togther valuble
    resoureces, like anything in life.
    If I have my personal way I would turn the internet off, or create a private
    one so my business could thrive even more. Instead for now I harness and
    embrace what I have and think how it has helped, not knocking shit because
    of this and that, I see MS and Nix* to be so different yet so many people
    compare... Hmm...
    Sorry if I ranted, just perspective thats all.


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    > IMHO it is TIME to sue corporations like microsoft for their stupidity
    > - and their believe that people/customers are even more stupid.
    > they sell their software and tell about their "great security-concepts",
    > but they actually do nothing about it.
    > in opposite, open-source-software is given away for free and WITHOUT
    > any warranty, so they should be on the save side.
    > i do not think that sueing a corporation for only one bug is ok,
    > but if it is (very) repetitive (and it is in M$-software), it is not only
    acceptable but
    > neccessary.
    > david r piegdon
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