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Date: 07/19/03

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    > Sigh.... if they are started, the lan is open. Say a

    There are different levels of "open".

    > sensitive machine that has data on it that only those with
    > passwords can see when touching it's keyboard. The machine is
    > turned off for the day and someone wanting that sensitive
    > data who doesnt know the password to logon locally, an
    > employee, wants in. Supposing he can get into the office to
    > turn the machine on, that is all he has to do in order to
    > access the data.
    > Dont tell me you dont see anything wrong with that?

    My english or understanding is probably way below this.

    And I believe you are mixing apples and .. Ummm .. Bananas.

    And what does that have to do with (quoting you): "the company next door and
    the people I know dont see a need for a virus program to protect THEIR A$200
    windows boxes so why should I shell out US$35 to protect my A$500,000 a year
    business ..."
    From your previous post?

    Allowing any access to sensitive machine and data is, obviously, wrong. But
    that has nothing to do with the original post in this thread (which was
    about puting a *default* installed machine on the network).

    Bojan Zdrnja

    Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.

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