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From: Nick Jacobsen (
Date: 07/17/03

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    Perhaps it is just my imagination here, and I do realize this is an
    unmoderated list, but this seems to be a more than unacceptable email.
    This is a professional list - would you go up to someone at a computer
    security conference and tell em "oh yeah, I used to card during
    highschool all the time"? My favorite phase is the "I don't exploit
    this *ANYMORE*" (emphasis added)
    Nick Jacobsen <>

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            Subject: Re: [Full-Disclosure] Credit card numbers
            There are many companies that still leave the full numbers on
    their receipts. I am going to give away a pretty big secret right now.
    If you have ever eaten at the "99 Restaurant" you will notice that they
    have the MOST sensitive information out of any company I have ever used
    my credit card at. Here's a list of what is on the receipt:
            1) Full CC# - nothing blanked out
            2) Full Name - just as it appears on the card
            3) Expiration date
            4) Customer signature (if they signed their copy)
            Now here's how to easily get them. When I was in high school I
    used to go there late on Friday and Saturday nights and snag all the
    receipts out of the "conveniently placed" trash receptacle right outside
    the front door. Friday and Saturday nights are the best because they
    usually have the most customers (at the bar, drunk people, etc...)
    Anyway, I have kept this pretty much a secret for a long time now and
    since we are on the topic and I don't exploit this anymore I figured I
    should make it public. There is even a way to get the CVV2 numbers from
    the back of the cards, but I will NOT tell you how to do that! If you
    check out the restaurant, I'm sure you will figure out how I got the
    CVV2 numbers as well. AND DON'T F**KING EMAIL ASKING HOW TO DO IT!!!
            Peace out...


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