Re: [Full-Disclosure] Sintraq - no traffic?

From: Blue Boar (
Date: 07/13/03

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    To: Kurt Seifried <>
    Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 16:07:52 -0700

    Kurt Seifried wrote:
    > I've been signed up for it for ~24 hours now. no traffic. Of course I'm not
    > sure that I'm properly signed up, they have a web form you plug your email
    > into and that's it. No confirmation email, no welcome message, in fact no
    > traffic at all.

    I got a majordomo confirmation about 10 hours after submitting on the web
    form. I also got a note (strangely, after I confirmed) that said it was a
    closed list, meaning that subs had to be approved by the moderator.

    I've received 10 posts since then. They seem to be more-or-less as
    advertised. Content is roughly similar to the public vulnerability
    database from SecurityFocus.

    > This is either a scam to collect email addresses or a VERY poorly run
    > mailing list from a company that is trying to wear a big set of boots. Or
    > they have a broken subscription engine. In any event "A-" for marketing
    > effort and "F-" for execution.

    One gets the impression that they might be a bit low on resources at them
    moment. People or equipment, I can't tell.


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