RE: [Full-Disclosure] Internet Explorer 6 DoS Bug

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Date: 07/07/03

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    No problem on my XP system with IE6. This is actually a very old bug
    from ~1996 that affected Win95/98/Me. I don’t think that the NT code
    base every had this problem, so it shouldn’t be present in XP.


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    I found a bug in IE6 ón Windows XP with all Service Packs and Patches
    If you enter C:\aux in the adressline of the IE (not EXPLORER,
    and hit enter, the window will freeze. This bug is simmilar to
    but not as dagerous. But its the same reason, naimly that windows trys
    open aux, a hardware device in earlier windows versions.
    I already sended an email to Microsoft but they said the bug wouldn't


    Fabian Becker (

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