RE: [Full-Disclosure] Destroying PCs remotely?

From: Ron DuFresne (
Date: 06/18/03

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    To: madsaxon <>
    Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 13:47:56 -0500 (CDT)


    > I guarantee you that if people start nuking each other's
    > computers over the Internet in the name of IP protection, this phantom
    > thing we've been calling "cyberterrorism" will take on a much more
    > concrete cast. Welcome back to the old West, partner. You better
    > be packin' a six-shooter, cause every other hombre in town is.

    Which sounds alot like efnet a year ago, as well as a few other irc nets
    in the more recent future, let alone the internet now and recent past.
    Which poor english ISP was it that was recently DDOSed into non-existance?

    The WMD's of the internet exist, and have been deployed and used to
    varying extents already in limited formats. The wakeup call comes when
    rather then a small DDOS affecting only one or two, a major DDOS is
    launched that takes down large sections of the internet for extended
    periods while the child that launched them is out mowing lawns for his/her
    next stratedgy planning pizza...unless of course we give into the folks at
    RIAA./DCMA and legalize all this crap for the select few<shrug> (in texas,
    right, certainly not those in utah)...


    Ron DuFresne
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