RE: [Full-Disclosure] Blackhats of the World Unite!

From: Blue Blue (
Date: 06/05/03

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    To: Jonathan Grotegut <>
    Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 14:51:32 -0700 (PDT)

    There are no Greyhats!
    Only Blackhats and Whitehats. If you think you are a Greyhat, you are probably a Blackhat in heart.
    This is a holy call for the destruction of all WHITEHATS!
    "Magenta's coming over, Magenta's coming over. Magenta's coming over, and we gonna have a lot of fun!"
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    Jonathan Grotegut <> wrote:
    What about Grey hat's (if there is such a thing, Sorry I am new to the "security" world)? Oh, and because I have posted this I expect to get flamed just like everyone else that posts to this list as well.

    Jonathan Grotegut

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    Blackhats of the world must unite to destroy all whitehats who continue to oppress everyone.
    Destroy them! Destroy them!
    Whitehats must CEASE and DESIST all activity relating to security.
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    (Magenta's coming for you!)

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    Do you Yahoo!?
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