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Date: 05/14/03

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    A new twist on an old scam?

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    From: TANKO YAKASSI [mailto:tyakassi@netscape.net]
    Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2003 11:03 AM
    Importance: High

    I know that this letter may come to you as a surprise but your contact was
    given to me by a reliable friend of my father working in dubai Chambers of
    Commerce, Industries and developement, After I told him that I needed a
    reliable and honest business partner outside emirates.

    My name is mr. TANKO YAKASSI. I am a Sierra Leonean and the son of the late
    Osman Yakassi, former Director-General of the Government of Gold and
    Diamond Office (GDDO) in Freetown. He replaced the Lebanese business tycoon
    Mr Jamil Mohamed Saheed who was sacked by the government of President Ahmed
    Tejan max.

    Unfortunately, my father was attacked by rebels of the Revolutionary United
    Front (RUF) in Kono, Eastern Sierra Leone.

    He survived the bullet wounds and was hospitalised at the Connaught Hospital
    in Freetown where he later died of internal bleeding. Before he died, he
    revealed to me that he has US$ 35.MILLION in an Iron Crate which he lodged
    in a security company for safe keeping in dubai,united arab emirates.

    And he registered the contents of the box as gold and diamond which belongs
    to him and his foreign partner.

     He also confided in me that he kept the certificate of the deposit and the
    keys of the box in his safe.
    As last month, I traced the address of the security company in dubai.

    a state in united arab emirates. Backed with the certificate and receipt of
    the part payment, I met the Director of the security company with the
    receipt for collection of the box.

    After thorough verifications, he agreed for the release provided I can come
    along with the foreign partner who is involved in the transaction.

    Based on this development, I contacted a friend of my father who is working
    at the Chamber of Commerce to assist me to seek for a reliable, honest and
    well-established individual that has business foresight, he then gave me
    your contact as the person he believes will do a fair transaction with me.

    I propose that you come as the foreign partner concerned so that we can
    retrieve the money from the security company. I have decided that for all
    assistance and inconveniences, 20% of the total sum would be yours, while
    the rest of the remaining balance will be put into investment opportunities
    in any profitable areas you might suggest in your country or any where else
    you trust.

    Please keep this proposal in the most confidential manner and I assure you
    of our 100% risk free transaction.

    Please let me be informed of your decision to come so that I can work on
    your visa. While I close here, I hope
    that Almighty God will give you the power to do this transaction with me and
    I am waiting for your urgent responds to this letter.

     You can send me Email through the above address,
    Thanks so much for your co-operation.

    Yours Faithfully


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