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Date: 05/06/03

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    Date: Mon, 5 May 2003 19:31:10 -0700

     Do not deny this man his freedom to speak his mind, especially about
    security flaws. The "errors" he pointed out are freely available to view, I
    have seen similar errors on many websites. Sir Mordred is meerly selecting
    from a plethora of servers that exhibit the same type of errors.

    Did we not just have a horrible war for FREEDOM? or did I dream of people
    being killed?

    my 2 bitz

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    > Hi,
    > >While this is amusing, I'm hoping you tell them befor eyou post these?
    > Actually no. There are several reasons for this:
    > 1) I failed to contact with some of them, so decided to share the
    > common behavior for all of them (i.e. dont tell)
    > 2) This is a REAL world examples - that means you can see that the are
    > present, they should show the state of web app security (
    > you probably read enough pdf's on web app security, on sql injection ...
    > etc... )
    > If it has been fixed, who can tell that i am telling the truth about the
    > vulnerabilities?
    > Again, reading this notice and the notices
    > which will be released in the near future, you may think -
    > damn, these guys gonna teaching me security?
    > even teaching web application security?
    > wait, what? they are releasing web app assesment tools and doing web app
    > assesment for the money? ...
    > Hmm, they should run these elite tools of their websites!
    > >If you legally post
    > >this type of information knowing others will be abusing it you >might
    > yourself in some legal
    > >trouble down the road.
    > Well, i know that.
    > But what is better?
    > Let me freely to post such kind of information or see it on a
    > full-disclosure from some unkown subscriber/haxor?
    > Or don't know that someone already using these vulnerabilities for
    > months and owning website?
    > Also i hope that the community will not use this information
    > for harm, only for fun maybe :-)...
    > Best regards,
    > // Sir Mordred
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