[Full-Disclosure] Re: Black Hat Announcements

From: Georgi Guninski (guninski@guninski.com)
Date: 01/28/03

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    From: Georgi Guninski <guninski@guninski.com>
    To: Jeff Moss <jmoss@blackhat.com>, full-disclosure@lists.netsys.com
    Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 19:03:57 +0200

    Jeff Moss wrote:
    > Hello BugTraq,
    > Black Hat would like to make three announcements that may be of interest
    > here.
    > - First I would like to make the final announcement for the Black Hat
    > Windows Security Briefings & Training 2003. Held in Microsoft's back
    > yard, the conference will be in Seattle, February 26-27th, with two days

    Blackhat meeting in "microsoft's back yard"?
    Is the idea is to compromise it or just do social engineering there?


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