[Full-Disclosure] Australia becomes a police state [serious]

From: John (johnpf@atnet.net.au)
Date: 12/06/02

From: johnpf@atnet.net.au (John)
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 13:11:55 +1000

Knud Erik Højgaard wrote:

>Silvio Cesare wrote:
>>A bill was passed last night in Australia, enabling a "lawful" NSW
>>police state (http://www.sydney.indymedia.org).
>>If i am in a designated "target area", I may be raided
>>as I type, the person raiding me need not identify themselves. I may
>>be strip searched, my possesions may be seized and disposed..
>>If i resist, I may be imprisoned for 2 years..
>I thought Australia stopped following other peoples opinion when they
>'abolished' England as the motherland. What the hell is this? Is there some
>sort of 'whoever gets most of americas shit on their tongue wins' contes
>that i dont know of? Is there a cash prize? 'I love America!'
Alas no. This is why one of our Opposition members describes our current
Prime Minister as 'arse licker'. Regardless of the Party Politics, there
is a (IMHO) disturbing trend in Oz to follow the USA, even if it means
replacing our 'democratic system' with the American 'democracy by bank
balance' system. I'm not saying the Oz interpretation of Westminster
Government is perfect, but based on my experience (I've lived in USA and
Mexico during elections) there is at least a vague sembelance of
representation in our system.

Since this is now WAY off topic, if you wish to discuss my extreme
politics with me please take it off list.

John P Foster