[Full-Disclosure] Netscape Problems.

From: Georgi Guninski (guninski@guninski.com)
Date: 11/26/02

From: guninski@guninski.com (Georgi Guninski)
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 21:34:24 +0200

zen-parse wrote:

> In case people haven't noticed yet, Open Source is not more secure.

Forgot this:

Can someone name a closed source software (besides netscape which is heavily
based on mozilla) who offers a monetary reward for security bugs?
A recent reesarch found the following open source projects:
DJB's qmail - cr.yp.to
some version of TEX IIRC Knuth's, don't have URL right now.

Has m$ has the guts to offer $$$ for crashes? :)

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