[Full-Disclosure] Euan Briggs / Stripey ...

From: phc@hushmail.com
Date: 11/23/02

From: phc@hushmail.com (phc@hushmail.com)
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 00:04:11 -0800


Stripey, look at you. You don't know any of us. We challenge you to
provide a brief online biography of a single "PHC member." This
biography should detail when we entered the "scene" and other such

Go back to selling poorly written, pathetic local perl exploits
for KF and his great team. We didn't even mention "selling out,"
but now that you mention it, we consider sellouts people with skill
who enter the security industry -- mostly of the ISS, NAI, etc.
standing. SNOSOFT RESEARCH LABS hardly gets on our nerves.

> I am appalled by the motives and attitudes of people such as PHC. I am > appalled by the behaviour of people like you. I have a conscience and > a sense of responsibility, towards my fellow human beings and our
> society. I want the world to be a better place.

Ah, stripey, how we seem to forget your threats against members
of the beloved irc community, such as the following poor ircop:

[DrmWEavr(philw@vrfx.com)] That's how weak it was.
[msg(drmweavr)] that strikes me as being a little odd
[DrmWEavr(philw@vrfx.com)] I was taught a lesson in humility.
[DrmWEavr(philw@vrfx.com)] I thought I was secure.
[msg(drmweavr)] would you like another one?
[DrmWEavr(philw@vrfx.com)] Sure.
[msg(drmweavr)] well then
[msg(drmweavr)] interfere with #terrorism again and perhaps you will learn
                some lessons
[DrmWEavr(philw@vrfx.com)] But you see. These `kids` as you call them -
          helped me afterwards.
[DrmWEavr(philw@vrfx.com)] Oh btw.
[DrmWEavr(philw@vrfx.com)] I care not about threats.
[DrmWEavr(philw@vrfx.com)] So you might as well not. =)
[msg(drmweavr)] threats? nah
[DrmWEavr(philw@vrfx.com)] We were DoS'd for 3 days for not juping #phrack
[DrmWEavr(philw@vrfx.com)] So your idle threats are not going to do much.
[msg(drmweavr)] but if you interfere with me and my friends channel again dont
                expect an easy ride

Go stripey, you humanitarian aid worker, you...
Your simpleton ways get extremely irritating, we must say.

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