[Full-Disclosure] Jesus is crying.

From: Gregory Kornblum (GKornblum@guesswho.com)
Date: 11/22/02

From: GKornblum@guesswho.com (Gregory Kornblum)
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 09:00:45 -0500

> A discourse, by itself, means little; any fool on the street can spout
> his opinion, but it's most likely that nobody will listen to him. The
> difference with a dominant discourse is that it is supported and
> heartily endorsed by the dominant class (politicians, corporations
> etc). Why do they support it? Because it's in their
> interests, either
> financial or otherwise. Since the dominant class controls most
> infrastructure, including the mass media, it's quite easy for them to
> spread their discourse; over time this becomes "common sense" to the
> public, it becomes hegemony.

See Jesus there an issue here and since I'm a Jew I feel it's only right
that I say something ;) The blackhat community doesn't yearn for "some sort
of confused, possibly retarded, and half thought out ideology" it yearns for
a better security industry were you can feel secure. Yes ISS might have gone
IPO but the companies that actually buy their inferior products and their
"some sort of confused, possibly retarded, and half thought out ideology"
are much larger and part of a much more dominant class. It is their eyes the
blackhat community is currently trying to open. Maybe not the whole but all
who stand behind project mayhem for what it really means do. Regards ya fake
ass prophet!

Gregory Kornblum
Software Engineer