[Full-Disclosure] Security industry

From: daniel.clemens (daniel_clemens@autism.birmingham-infragard.org)
Date: 11/17/02

From: daniel_clemens@autism.birmingham-infragard.org (daniel.clemens)
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 10:27:34 +0000 (GMT)

> I would just like to say to all you fuqn black hats out there that
> us "whitehats" feed your activities, when was the last time a blackhat
> found a good bug? All the good bugs are found by the industry, we feed you
> not the other way round and you have forgotten this. I think the whitehat
> community should find a way to discuss vulnerabilities in an environment
> not poluted by mallicious induviduals such as #phrack.

Actually, I have to disagree with your somewhat lame 'opinion' about the
so called blackhats.

The difference between blackhats and whitehats is that whitehats Generally
respond to problems and help with the fix, while blackhats look for the

Now you can say one is worse than the other, and that is merely a

You can say that blackhats are all evil and bad, but in reality what you
are saying is 'thought is a crime' and they are the bad guys for thinking
outside of the box and not oppressing their own creativity.

Lets praise them for being so creative in finding and exploiting bugs.
Their perspective is valuable and fun to watch evolve.

I don't think any truly thinking individual can say that being creative in
any environment is bad.

And as far as the phrack crowd is oh so bad and filled with kiddies you
might want to buy a clue on who some of the founders of phrack truly are
and how they contribute to the so called black and white hat community.

Um... hrm... would you say libnet is a blackhat thing, or a group of smart
people sharing with people who otherwise would not have a clue and would
have to waste their time writing more code ?

Its good you have an opinion about *hats good and bad, but you may
need to broaden your horizen to how the world works.

Nothing is black and white, you putting that label on it doesn't even make
it black and white. You putting and accepting the labels makes it easier
for you to cope with in your perspective of the world and the socially
acceptable norms you think are right and wrong.

Blackhat, whitehat <whatever>, but calling the phrack people kiddies is
somehow you kissing someone else's

Maybe I should not have 'responding' to your lameness because this will
propbably just feed your emotions.....

> You are all fuqn kiddies
> stripey
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