[Full-Disclosure] blackfist(posted on request from prophet)

From: sockz loves you (sockz@email.com)
Date: 09/19/02

From: sockz@email.com (sockz loves you)
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 09:25:20 -0500

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From: gobbles@hush.com
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 22:29:41 -0700
To: full-disclosure@lists.netsys.com
Subject: RE: [Full-Disclosure] blackfist(posted on request from prophet)

> Shall I forward to employer more?

i see, and which employer would this be?

no, wait... i'm missing this really vital point here aren't i... hmmm...
but what??... OMG! YOU KNOW WHERE I WORK!!! *faints*

*goes into a paranoid frenzy, severes all contacts, leaves the country*
seriously dude. sometimes you're funny, other times you just sound like a
complete dork.

> >well that is very depressing news
> >:(
> >
> >my entire day... ruined. thanks bitch :|

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