[Full-Disclosure] Re: what's to come chapter 1.

From: gobbles@hush.com
Date: 09/18/02

From: gobbles@hush.com (gobbles@hush.com)
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 10:07:10 -0700

Never said I did this. Hacking not illegal. Tresspass is.

then comment

>Hacking into other peoples networks is illegal and you will get
> caught
>sooner or later and go to jail.
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>>another daily dose of zan, the previous mailing was the pro-lo
>>gue: this
>>is chapter 1: History and beyond.
>More ramble.
>> FUD abounded in the security industry, "i can break a
>>y network
>>in the world" was the call from dilluded sello
>>ts (to
>>congress). millionares were made out of whitehats, preying on
>>his fear
>>and gathering thier tools from the "scene"
>I can can't you? Network insecure not FUD - reality. Jealous
>that some
>cashed in? I am.
>> the whitehats have bred a new culture of hackers to b
>>live that
>>the real hack ethic is one of "information free
>>om" and
>>while yes this is true, this does not translate into "give us
>>our codez"
>Information should be free. Hacking is information. Hacking n
>>-Until The Crystal Cracked-
>> dot-boom; everything came crashing down, thoose eyeba
>Unless you sell-out dot-bomb effect nothing
>> the hackers began to wake up, look around themselves
>>nd see
>>the cesspool of greed, treachery and lies that surroun
>>ed them
>>and corrupted thier ideals, no longer would they be animals of
>look around themselves see missed boat-missed opportunity.
>>-Cheat death again-
>> d34dh1tl3r <-RIP
>Good riddance
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