[Full-Disclosure] Re: what's to come chapter 1.

From: gobbles@hush.com
Date: 09/18/02

From: gobbles@hush.com (gobbles@hush.com)
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 09:56:44 -0700

>yes, yes it is.

What point?

>>I can can't you? Network insecure not FUD - reality. Jealous
> that some cashed in? I am.
>statements like these were over simplified, and generally engin
>eered for
>ultimate FUD factor, to generate nervious-ness, revenue etc.

FUD typically something false - engineered to create panic. Much like entire PHC movement.

>but no, i'm not much of a hacker so i can't actually.

Then how can you make calls to hackers for action?

>>Information should be free. Hacking is information. Hacking
>not illegal.

>hacking is a verb, information is a noun. if i break a system a
>uncover information best made public on it... *then* i will lib
>erate it.

Yes but not hacking.

>>Unless you sell-out dot-bomb effect nothing
>that's my point.

My point - those disillusioned burned because they sold out. Do you speak for PHC? Did PHC sell out?

>>look around themselves see missed boat-missed opportunity.
>its debateable, are you saying this is the motivation for the P
>whitehat h8 effect and its pr0j3ct m4yh3m activities?

Why they upset? Did they burn by selling out?

>>>-Cheat death again-
>>> d34dh1tl3r <-RIP
>>Good riddance
>... elaborate?

happy he gone.

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