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From: Niels Bakker (niels=netsys@bakker.net)
Date: 09/12/02

From: niels=netsys@bakker.net (Niels Bakker)
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 02:06:48 +0200

* draht@suse.de (Roman Drahtmueller) [Thu 12 Sep 2002, 01:46 CEST]:
> How Warmongers Exploit 9/11
> by Norm Dixon

Nice article. Taking it back from international pollyticks to something
more computer security-related:

(registration required but try spamnews/spamnews) (link via Ditherati)

Firms, consumers rethink needs
Tech sector yet to see surge in security spending
By Barbara Rose
Tribune staff reporter
Published September 11, 2002
Not long after last year's terror attacks, Tony Maier's phones at RedSky
Technologies Inc. were ringing with inquiries about the company's
"E-911" software, which pinpoints locations of employees dialing for
help from inside large buildings.
The Chicago company's sales continue to grow, but they've not met the
expectations raised by a surge of interest in security and safety
technology after the attacks.
"It's not something people threw money at and then forgot about," said
Maier, founder and chief executive of RedSky. "Awareness is a lot higher
than before, but people aren't rushing in with slap-dash approaches.
They're taking a measured approach."
"There's been no material increase in sales due to 9/11 so far," said
Israel Hernandez, Lehman Brothers Research Inc. senior research analyst
for Internet security.
[Harris Miller, president of Virginia-based Information Technology
Association of America, a leading trade group said] "We're not there
yet with information security. There are still too many vulnerabilities."
	-- Niels.