[Full-Disclosure] Announcing Project WKPP

From: memetic-engineer@australia.edu
Date: 09/09/02

From: memetic-engineer@australia.edu (memetic-engineer@australia.edu)
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 19:59:47 -0800

Win-Kid-Power-Pack will be an ongoing project to supply win32 users with working,
unbroken binaries of the most lethal remote exploits for the purpose of causing
optimal damage to the whitehat community @ large. Only exploits publicly posted
@ known whitehat repositories (Bugtraq,Netsys, Vulnwatch, etc.) will be available
here, but binary ports of 0day kodez will be supplied to supporters of R.A.P.E.(
and Project Mayhem. NOTE; all WKPP binaries require Cygwin's POSIX emulation
library(Cygwin1.dll). All requests for porting should be directed to xile_at_hackmania.net.
That is all.

Purpose?: I'm sure we have all taken possesion of a win32 machine and found
it lacking in usefullness for further penetration needs.
Installing cygwin or busybox on a compromised win32 host can cause problems
Just point your wget ( hopefully included in your initial bd kit along with
nc and tftp etc.) to this handy repos.

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