[Full-Disclosure] Local Root Exploit

From: Lupe Christoph (full-disclosure@lists.netsys.com)
Date: 08/10/02

From: full-disclosure@lists.netsys.com (Lupe Christoph)
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 13:18:00 +0200

On Saturday, 2002-08-10 at 02:53:14 -0400, John wrote:
> As long as he found the bug and coded a proof of concept for the bug then
> why shouldn't he be able to spit out what he likes?

Because it makes it easier for people to discount his stuff as
childish. They might not look at it at all, leaving gaping holes wide
open for people who *do* believe in Gobbles who might wear black hats.

Lupe Christoph

PS: I skip his mails, but then I don't have to plug any holes.

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