Re: ufs multilabel performance (fwd)

Without any benchmarks I would also think for the high io, in the xen dom0 I see high disk activity (eg 99% writes) when using mac labels. But of course I will do the tests, please give some instructions, how to compile the kernel, how the implement the benchmark.

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Subject: Re: ufs multilabel performance (fwd)

Wiadomość napisana przez Adrian Chadd w dniu 17 kwi 2012, o godz. 21:17:
On 16 April 2012 23:31, Richard Kojedzinszky <krichy@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So now reactions here, creating files with multilabel is still slow.

I would like to use multilabel access control on my /tmp, for example, my
web server places it's session files there in a subdirectory. Of course, I
would like to assign a label for that subdir, but with this slow file
creation, that is not the way to go. I may then use a different filesystem
for that. In this case, can I assign a root mac label for a mount point?


This is a perfect job for hwpmc / dtrace.

Would you be able to load up either of those and get some CPU usage
statistics whilst you're running your benchmark?

It's either that, or it's (massive) locking contention.

Or disk I/O. MAC labels, just like ACLs, are stored in extended attributes,
and I remember something about writing those being synchronous.

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